What Makes Luxury Sheets Worth The High Price

Let’s start with a serious question: are you getting what you really want in bed? And more to the point, do you really know what it is you want in the first place? for a place of refuge, rest & love, most people pay very little attention to building their perfect bed, and of those who do, even  fewer  understand the world of difference that can be found between the sheets, once you’ve felt the difference and understood it , a rupees five lakh duvet cover is not so much a ridiculous proposition as an imaginably necessary consideration.

Most people look at thread count when they are choosing sheets. But thread count irrelevant if the raw materials aren’t right. The real thing that matters is how it feels against your skin. What does that mean, practically? “it’s about using the finest, long staple cotton to make the percales and sateen” fibers make a more uniform, resistant and smoother thread for weaving. The feel-a far less tangible thing-is determined by the finishing process. The fabric goes through not just the mill, but is also gassed, mercerized, ironed and finally purged. The results are beautiful, shiny and faultless.

These luxury sheets would certainly like you to think can you buy a good night’s sleep. The natural fibers use in these sheets has a tendency to adjust according to the season. “During the summer, they provide a cooling effect, and in the winter they create warmth”. The sleep that you would get in these sheets is unbeatable. Probably the entire range of these sheets apart is the inclusion of a diagonal thread in the weave, which means that the durability of the product is longer.

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