The Company

Tej Bhan Luxury Textiles belongs to a Hindu family migrated from Pakistan in 1947. As chance would have it this Punjabi community were allotted land around Panipat (Home textiles city of India just 90 KMs from national capital New Delhi) to settle down as these community was a professional home textile weavers in Pakistan. Tej Bhan was one year old that time when we became old just enough to setting up looms he lost no time targeting down to his family ancestral craft. So Tej Bhan Luxury Textiles is found in his memory to bring most luxury home textile in India from all over the world.

The Brand

Kamash is amalgamation of Kamal & Akash to signifying their years of togetherness.

The Tagline & Logo

With the hardships of life and future prospects, two birds embrace love and hope to build their family. Our logo stands for the eternal concept that "Best Place On Earth Is Home"

World’s most exclusive & luxury home linen brands are not only our tagline & advertising slogan.

The brands we sell under our store kamash are the world’s top-ranked luxury home linen brands.

Our team of experts roam all around the world, take surveys, and take feedback from the consumers,

Look up the manufacturing process & units, most importantly check the quality of each product

Step by step from material to feel of the linens.

Every brand claim to be the best & luxurious in the market. Even famous & popular luxury fashion brands of the world launch their home collections year on year.

Kamash guaranteed its customers to sell only top ten luxury home linen brands of the world out of hundreds well known & thousands claim to be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to turn our passion with home textiles to join the fast-growing luxury cluster of India into reality by the availability of the world's most exclusive home Linen brands. Our brand wants to spread awareness that what makes luxury sheets worth the high price & the space of these sheets in the luxury market is very important. Because the average time a human being spends on these sheets is probably is one-third of a life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the biggest online portal of the world’s most exclusive & luxury home Linen brands by giving best online facilities & lowest price guaranteed to our customers. By advertising of luxury home Linen on a very large scale until our brand will become famous in the market & a giant retailer of luxury home Linen brands & products. We are having a long term vision to educate, spread awareness, promote luxury home linens & to start manufacturing luxury home linens in India for the first time in the history of the world for reducing its cost & make it reachable to the mass population of world which cannot afford it.

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