7 Benefits of Using Luxury Duvet Covers

Luxury duvet covers may be more expensive than comforters, but in the end, they offer more advantages than uncovered duvets, comforters, or plain blankets. Here are seven of the benefits you can expect when you use luxury duvet covers:

1. Hassle-free cleaning

Comforters tend to be extremely heavy when washed, which makes cleaning them a whole-body workout. Duvet covers are easier to clean—simply machine wash them gently in warm water and make use of non-chlorine bleach. Some comforters require dry cleaning. Luxury duvet covers, on the other hand, are fuss-free and can be machine washed and dried (even those that are made using luxurious materials). Just make sure to read the instructions on how to take care to ensure that your duvet covers last long and stay soft.

2. Less storage space

Duvet covers are easier to store because they are not bulky even when folded, unlike thick wool blankets and comforters that tend to take up much space in storage cabinets and drawers.

3. Switch up

Changing a duvet cover is as easy as replacing your bed sheet. Instead of buying multiple comforters which can be expensive, space-consuming and heavy, it’s more practical to buy different styles of duvet cover.

4. Keeps duvets clean

Cleaning duvets can be a nightmare, which is why duvet covers are important. They keep the duvet free of dirt, dust, and stain. They are also easier to wash.

5. Safe to use

High-quality luxury duvet covers made with Egyptian cotton or Thai silk are gentler on the skin compared to cheaper counterparts. Cotton helps stabilize the temperature of those who suffer from hot flashes, while silk covers can prevent itching and rashes. Natural materials are also free from chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues.

6. Sleep better

Luxury home linens, and mattresses are proven to help improve quality of sleep. Since they are made with natural fabrics, they are more breathable and adapt better to temperature compared to synthetic fabrics than trap air and heat. Sweat caused by cheap, unnatural fabrics is also one of the main causes of bacterial growth and bad odour.

7. Durable

Woven in places such as Italy and made with world-class materials, luxury duvet covers are more than just pretty—they can also last for decades if maintained properly.


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