The Beauty And Difficulty Of Designing Simple Bed Linens

When products are simple, I guarantee they took thousands of hours to develop. Reaching a higher level of simplicity takes a commitment to eliminate anything that might confuse users or waste their time. When you put the customer at the forefront of the design, it shifts the focus of what goes into the product itself. Gone are prints and other colorful designs that create unnecessary complexity and frustration. And that’s the direction things are headed.

Getting to something so simple required us to rethink our approach. Westudied, learned and watched how people used luxury bed linens and challenged designers to simplify them. We removed the unnecessary prints & colors so that users don’t need to change the way they sleep in order to use them. Instead, they sleep exactly how users expect them to feel.

Done right, the result is magical. Done right, people want to use that product again and again because it brings pleasure: it works the way we expect it to feel. Naturally and luxury.

Italians are most perfect in designing simple & luxurious bed linens around the world with keep in mind its quality. Browse Grande hotel collection (made in Italy) from Sferra brand launched first time in India by Kamash.


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