Things to Check Before Buying Luxurious Bed Sheets Online in India

Your home is probably the most comfortable place for you. You may have given a lot of thought to the decor and furniture. It is only right that you get the best bed sheets too. Quality bed sheets are important in the service industry too. In a hotel or related business, you would want to invest in high-quality bed sheets for your guests’ comfort.

Buying bed sheets can become challenging even if you are shopping online. Here are the basic considerations to find the best quality luxury bed sheets online.

Fabric: The first thing to check are the material and fibre. The best bed sheets are made from 100% cotton. Cotton has the most comfortable texture, scale, and character. However, there are two different types of cotton bed sheets available – Egyptian and Italian cotton. Egyptian cotton luxury bed sheets are best for the truly high-quality material and are naturally smoother and provide a rich experience. They are made with the utmost care to deliver maximum comfort. The grade and characteristics of the yarns and threads used to make the bed sheet and any embroidery also affect its final quality.

Thread count: Durability is an important factor in all types of home linen. You can gauge the endurance of a bed sheet from its thread count. Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads that intersect within one square inch of the fabric. It thus represents the strength of the fabric and density of weave. The best bed sheets have thread count over 200. As a rule of thumb, a higher thread count signifies a better quality of fabric. However, it is far from being the only criteria, or even the most important one.

Dimensions: Fabric quality and thread count cannot ensure a perfect bed sheet. The correct size can play a big role in the overall experience. The dimension of the bed sheet is a critical factor. Knowing the dimensions of your bed and mattress can help you make a better decision in purchasing one. Look and opt for the luxury bed sheets in India that meet your requirements. Also, take note of the necessary specification and product description. This will help you narrow down the list of potential options.

The aesthetic elements of the bed sheets will come next. The prints, colours, embroidery, etc. are important elements that will help you make your final choice. However, the three factors listed earlier should form the foundation of your search.


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