Why Choose Luxury Towels With 600 GSM or More

Bath towels can be considered as the hardest working members of your household. Despite their versatility and high use, towels are mostly underappreciated. People usually do not care much while buying bath towels, usually because they do not have the proper information about the various features that affect the quality.

When purchasing bath towels, one of the things to be kept in mind is the GSM (Grams per Square Meter). Every fabric has a specific weight and GSM is considered as the basic standard of their quality. The GSM rating refers to the density of the fabric. The more the GSM number, the denser the fabric will be.

The GSM rating of good luxury bath towels ranges from 300 to 900. Towels with 300-400 GSM are usually thinner and lighter. However, 300-400 GSM does not mean that these towels are useless. They can be excellent as kitchen towels or light beach towels. Lightweight beach towels generally have 350 GSM.

Towels with 400-600 GSM can be considered as medium weight towels. It is the apt density for beach towels, bath towels or guest towels. This specific GSM makes the towels heavier and more absorbent.

Towels having a GSM rating of 600-900 are the heaviest and considered premium towels. These are luxury towels that are dense and highly absorbent. Such towels also take longer to dry. Towels with a GSM number of 600 or more are made from 100 % Turkish combed cotton , and they are of pristine quality. They are heavy, dense, and soft. You can literally feel their quality just by touching them. Such towels are also costlier than the towels with lower GSM ratings.

These towels are luxuriant and soft, perfect against the soft skin when you step out of the shower. More importantly, they are extremely good at what towels are meant to do – soak water. The highly absorbent fabric of these luxury towels will dry the water off your skin almost instantly.

Towels with a GSM of 600 or more represent the pinnacle of luxury bath linens. The extra money you spend is an investment that will pay off over the towel’s lifetime.


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